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Posted in Patient Testimonials | Tagged Patient Testimonials, Patient Satisfaction June 19, 2018

Everyone at Fertility Solutions enjoys hearing from our former patients. Every card, letter, email and photo you send our way is celebrated. We know how much is involved in fertility treatment – the stress, the fear, the wins and the losses.

Many patients begin their stories by telling us that things weren’t easy, but they knew anything they experienced would be worth it.

For those just starting their fertility journey, the process can seem daunting. Our team works hard to ensure that you are well taken care of, but sometimes the stories of others who have undergone fertility treatment or used third-party reproductive services (egg donation / sperm donation / surrogacy) are the best salve. We’ve been fortunate to hear from many of our former patients in recent years; some send us long updates letting us know what life is like post-treatment, and others send a short note with a photo.

We hope that reading patient testimonials helps anyone struggling with fertility know that family planning goals are possible to achieve. Here are some of our latest patient testimonials (and don’t forget to check out our baby gallery for photos).

“Some of the best medical care I have ever received. My partner agrees. Thank you for everything!”

“We would recommend Fertility Solutions to other patients. Dr. Huang and all the staff are extremely kind, gentle, and thorough. They answered all of our questions and promptly returned calls. Very easy scheduling.”

“Everyone has been so lovely, professional but personable. The doctors and nurses I have worked with or spoken to via phone or online portal have all answered my questions in a complete and timely manner. As a first time IVF patient, I appreciate this experience more than you could know. I have had such a positive experience and I just recommended a friend to Fertility Solutions! Thank you!”

“I am so impressed with the level of expertise that all of the staff at Fertility Solutions possesses. I felt welcome and comfortable the second I walked into the clinic. I appreciate your staff providing high-quality care in addition to the emotional support. It is evident that your staff pays attention to detail and is highly organized. My husband and I are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us and are faithful that this is going to work one day! We will definitely be referring your center to our friends.”

“IVF/Infertility is beyond a painful and challenging process, yet, I find myself smiling and laughing as I encounter the wonderful people at Fertility Solutions. The staff is amazing!!! I honestly believe my two girls would not be here without Fertility Solutions – Thank you!”

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