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November 2013 Patient Survey Results

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged Feedback, Patient survey, Patient Testimonials January 3, 2014

Fertility Solutions is proud to share our bi-annual patient survey results. The survey was distributed anonymously for one month (November 2013) and has a rating scale of: “5” – Excellent, “3” - Meets Expectations and “1” - Poor. The goal of this bi-annual survey is to evaluate the patient perspective, to review, and as a result, change areas that are not meeting patient expectations.

The area that consistently received “Excellent” is the large amount of time Fertility Solutions Physicians spend with each patient and the clarity of the information that is presented to patients. Our goal is to treat each patient as an individual and to offer the greatest possible care.

Another area of “Excellence” is the OR/PACU nursing staff and the OR/PACU experience. A recurrent comment in this area of the survey was: “The nursing staff is awesome”.

The following are some of the patient reviews that were noted on the survey:

  • “Fertility Solutions is a smaller practice that enables the doctors to get to know the patients better…”

  • “I always felt like I was treated with empathy and kindness. I never felt like an anonymous person or a statistic.”

  • “Love my doctor! She really cares!”

  • “The courtesy of the nursing staff and their timely communication is second to none.”

  • “Everyone at Fertility Solutions is very professional and has a positive attitude. This is helpful to me as a patient since this can be a very emotional and difficult experience.”

  • “Fertility Solutions made me feel safe, comfortable and hopeful.”

  • “My husband and I felt very welcomed and not judged.”

  • “I couldn’t believe my doctor performed the ultrasounds! I was so impressed with the amount of time she continued to spend with me.”


    In review, the most revealing question on the survey was: “Would you recommend Fertility Solutions to a friend?” The response was an overwhelming yes with an “Excellent” rating.

    We’d like to thank our staff for the wonderful care given to all of our patients.

    Thank you to all the patients that took time to complete our survey. Our goal is to learn from each patient’s experience and continue to exceed all expectations!

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