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Only at Fertility Solutions: Financial Discounts for Fertility Treatment

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Financial packages December 11, 2015

Providing our patients with affordable fertility care is a leading priority that drives our practice. As the first fertility center in the New England region to offer patients affordable care, we’ve always demonstrated that all who visit Fertility Solutions deserve high-quality treatment(s) at a fair price. We believe that no one should have to delay or alter their dreams of having a baby because of the perceived cost of fertility treatment(s).

Our goal, offering more one on one care to all, with or with our financial constraints, is why we’ve designed numerous fertility treatment packages, plans, and discounts for the needs of our patients.

To all individual and couples who wish to build their family in 2016, we ask that you consider the financial discounts offered through our affordable care programs. We’ve outlined some of the top options available to prospective and educated patients below, and we invite you to please contact our financial specialists to learn more.

Single Cycle IVF

  • All-inclusive fee, including anesthesia
  • Six months of embryo cryopreservation and storage for no additional cost
  • Ultrasounds and anesthesia performed by a board-certified Fertility Solutions physician
  • Access to a flow sheet of your IVF cycle through a private and secure patient portal
  • Special Fertility Solutions pricing: $7,900

Advanced Diagnostic IVF Plans (IVF with PGD)

  • Plans include vitrification and embryo storage for six months
  • Ideal for patients screening for genetic defects or chromosomal disorders
  • Three different IVF with PGD plans available
  • Discounts range from $1,000-$5,000+ per plan

IVF Advantage Plans

  • Four unique IVF Advantage Plans available:
    • IVF Ultimate Advantage Plan
    • IVF Value Advantage Plan
    • IVF Prime Advantage Plan
    • IVF Military Advantage Plan
  • Ultimate, Value and Prime Advantage plans vary on the number of completed IVF cycles
  • Military Advantage Plan specifically for U.S. military personnel

Seeking a fertility diagnosis and treatment should never be out of reach. Fertility Solutions is actively involved in many efforts to change insurance coverage for fertility treatment, and we actively encourage patients to reach out to their local and state representatives to request better, more comprehensive coverage.

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