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Why More People Should Know About Secondary Infertility

Posted in General | Tagged Secondary infertility, Infertility, IUI, Egg freezing, IVF November 27, 2018

Most people think about primary infertility when they hear the word “infertility.” However, secondary infertility is something prospective parents face too. The difference is simple: Primary infertility affects a woman’s first pregnancy whereas secondary infertility affects any pregn…

Fox25 News Segment Discussing Male Fertility and the Gender Gap in Screening

Posted in General | Tagged Fox25, Male factor fertility, Fertility screening November 26, 2018

Fertility Solutions was recently featured in a Fox25 News story on the role male fertility and the gender gap that occurs during fertility screening. We encourage you to watch the video below to learn more about male and female fertility testing:

Fertility and Family Planning During the Holiday Season

Posted in General | Tagged Infertility, Holiday season, Fertility support, Fertility treatment November 19, 2018

If you’re in the middle of fertility treatment or working toward family planning goals during the holiday season, you might be feeling some added pressure. Not only are you spending time and energy trying to build your family, but the holidays can bring high expectations for spending e…

Employee Recognition Series: Caroline Osborne, Embryologist

Posted in General | Tagged Employee Recognition Series, Caroline Osborne, Michael Lee, IVF laboratory October 29, 2018

Caroline Osborne began working at Fertility Solutions in 2012 as an Embryologist after completing her degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. Within a year of her arrival, Caroline began her training in embryology. She truly loves coming to work every day because of the wonderful…

How to Support Your Partner During Fertility Treatment

Posted in General | Tagged Infertility, Infertility support, Fertility treatment, IVF October 25, 2018

Undergoing fertility treatment can be stressful. You’re committing your time and finances to something you really want — building your family — but you may not be sure how things will turn out. On the bright side, fertility treatments are more successful than ever before. In fact, our I…