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Test Your Fertility IQ

Posted in General, Fertility Solutions | Tagged Quiz, Free Fertility Seminar February 10, 2016

True or false? Test your fertility IQ with Fertility Solutions. We invite you to take the following quiz and comment below to let us know how you did!

We offer this quiz to those who attend our monthly FREE fertility education seminars.

Take the quiz!

1. You should be trying for 1 year before consulting a fertility specialist. (T/F)

2. Couples who have conceived before will have no trouble conceiving. (T/F)

3. There is nothing that men can do to increase their chances of having a baby. (T/F)

4. Women who are considering donor insemination do not need fertility testing or counseling. (T/F)

5. Having a period means you are ovulating. (T/F)

6. If your tubes are tied, it is easy to “untie” them. (T/F)

7. With IVF treatment, it is easy to have a baby after 40 . (T/F)

8. Women can freeze their eggs at any age. (T/F)

9. Everyone who takes fertility hormones ends up with twins or triplets. (T/F)

10. Infertility treatment is expensive. (T/F)

Answer key:

  1. F
  2. F
  3. F
  4. F
  5. F
  6. F
  7. F
  8. F
  9. F
  10. F

How did you do? Let us know in a comment!

For answers to these questions and more, make an appointment with one of our doctors at Fertility Solutions. You don’t have to wait for one year of trying before asking for a consultation. If you are concerned about your fertility for any reason, you can make an appointment at any time. Women with a diagnoses such as low ovarian reserve, anovulation, tubal blockage or male factor may want to start fertility treatment right away.

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