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The Egg Donation Process

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Can Egg Donation Help Me?

****You may consider using donated eggs if you are unable to use your own eggs. Common reasons would include:

  • Premature menopause

  • Ovaries have affected by prior chemotherapy

  • Ovaries surgically removed

  • Risk of passing on a genetic disease

  • Prior IVF treatments which have revealed poor egg quality

The Egg Donation Process

An initial consultation with one of our physicians is the first step. At this meeting, many aspects of egg donation will be covered, as well as, the different options for obtaining donor eggs. A consultation with one of our affiliate counselors will also be scheduled so that each individual and or couple can explore the very important emotional and social aspects of egg donation.

If a “fresh donation” is chosen, this donor will undergo a rigorous screening process that will involve a consultation with your Fertility Solutions physician (if a local donor), a full medical and family history evaluation will be taken. Comprehensive hormonal, infectious disease and genetic testing as mandated by the FDA and outlined by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine will be completed. This donor will then complete the screening process with a consultation with our affiliated psychologists and be required to taken a detailed personality questionnaire (PAI). Once the donor has successfully completed the screening process, the donor will enter the IVF process. The IVF treatment is coordinated to synchronize the recipient and donor cycles. This allows the eggs to be collected from the donor and transferred to the recipient at the best possible time.

If an individual and or couple chooses to utilize frozen eggs, you will be referred to our affiliate donor egg bank, The Genetics and IVF Institute to identify a donor. A package of 6 frozen eggs will then be transferred to our center. At a time that is convenient for you, an endometrial preparatory cycle will be initiated to allow the coordination of the thawing, fertilization and transfer of the embryos into your uterus.

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs

Traditional egg donation dictated that a prospective egg donor be recruited, undergo a rigorous screening process, synchronize with the recipient’s cycle and collect the eggs which are then fertilized. This process could take up to 3 to 6 months.

With the widespread introduction of dramatically improved egg freezing techniques, there has been a shift in the traditional paradigm of egg donation options. In 2012 the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifted the “experimental status” on egg freezing. Recipients can now choose between fresh or frozen donated eggs. Whether fresh or frozen the prospective donors are subjected to the same comprehensive and rigorous standards mandated by the FDA and as recommended by ASRM.

Advantages of Frozen Donor Eggs

  • Frozen egg are immediately available

  • No need for cycle synchronization

  • Cycles can be scheduled when convenient for recipient

  • Donor already fully screened

  • Fewer cycle cancellations

  • 100% chance of receiving mature eggs

  • Lower cost per cycle

Advantages of Fresh Donor Eggs

  • Closer contact of your physicians with the donor

  • You may have the option of meeting the donor or asking additional questions

  • The pool of eggs collected are not shared or divided

  • Higher fertilization rates and greater chance of having extra embryos frozen

  • Higher chance of being able to have biological siblings

    The use of third party reproductive options can be very rewarding. The success rate of using fresh or frozen donor eggs is typically much higher than success rates reported for the same age group in infertile women. However, only a consultation with a reproductive specialist and counselor can determine if this option is the right one for you and your partner.

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