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The Sono HSG

Posted in Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged infertility, testing October 8, 2013

Fertility Solutions is offering the latest advanced technique in patient care and comfort: the Saline (or Sono) HSG.

What is a Sono HSG or (HSG -contrast-sonography)?

The Sono HSG is an imaging study that evaluates the inside of the uterus and determines whether the Fallopian tubes are open without any exposure to contrast dye or radiation. This technique is used in the diagnosis of infertility.

This procedure is done in the comfort of our office, and is performed by one of our team of female infertility specialists.

The procedure: a speculum is placed and a tiny tube is placed into the cervical opening. The speculum is removed and the vaginal Ultrasound probe is inserted. If the Fallopian tubes are open, you will be able to see a stream of air and fluid bubbles exiting each cornua of the uterus and towards the ovary or pelvic cavity. Since Fertility Solution physicians perform their own procedures, patients will not have to wait for results. Your doctor will be able to provide interpretation of results immediately following the procedure.

This Sono HSG may not be recommended for every patient. Please check with your provider if this procedure is suitable for you. Occasionally technical limitations may result in suboptimal images and a more traditional HSG may be recommended. Please talk with your physician to see if you may be a candidate for this procedure.

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