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We Are Recruiting Egg Donors

Posted in Egg Donation, Fertility Solutions | Tagged Boston, Cambridge, Dedham, Egg Donation, Egg Donors, Fertility Solutions, Peabody, Providence June 20, 2011

Are you a healthy woman ages 21-32? If so, you may be able to help a family experience the miracle of life through the egg donation program at Fertility Solutions.

Egg donation is a fertility treatment for women who are able to carry a child, but are unable to produce healthy eggs. The egg retrieval is a minimally invasive procedure, and becoming a donor is a noble and generous act. We are looking for responsible, intelligent and dedicated women to help couples struggling with infertility.

All medical expenses and travel expenses are covered and egg donors are well-compensated for their time and efforts. If you are interested in helping a family have a child, please contact us.

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