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What Does Pregnancy Feel Like after Infertility?

Posted in General | Tagged pregnancy April 27, 2015

A positive pregnancy test after fertility treatment is a dream come true – finally, you have the outcome you've been hoping for since the moment you decided to try for a pregnancy. This is a time to celebrate and enjoy being pregnant as you begin the transition from your fertility specialist to an obstetrician.

For those who may have undergone a longer journey to pregnancy or have experienced pregnancy loss in the past, with or without fertility treatment, your new-found pregnancy may bring out a range of emotions. Of course, you’re thrilled to get the call from your fertility specialist that you’re having a baby, but for fertility patients, it’s not always that simple.


It’s entirely understandable that you may feel nervous, even anxious, about your pregnancy. Fertility treatment can require a lot from a person and her partner. Many cases of infertility are associated with months of screenings, diagnoses, treatments and financial costs. And this pregnancy means a great deal to you, not only because you deeply desire parenthood, but also because you have dedicated significant time and energy toward this happy ending.

Some pregnant women worry about telling their family and friends the good news in case something happens, even beyond the usual first trimester waiting period. You should feel free to speak with your fertility specialist or obstetrician about your pregnancy and voice any concerns you may have. It’s okay to lean on your fertility team prior to telling those important to you that you are pregnant, but we also advise that you keep in mind how happy and excited your family and friends will be for you.

The Journey

Many couples assume that pregnancy means the end of their journey in the fertility community, but this is often untrue. Undergoing fertility treatment to conceive is different than not using treatment. Once pregnant, women and their partners may be expected just to “relax and enjoy the pregnancy,” or to “stop worrying so much, it’s over now.” The fact is, your journey to parenthood will leave a significant impression on you – you may feel more cautious during a pregnancy or extra anxious for the birth of your child.

All of the conversations with family and friends to explain your fertility experience may need to continue throughout your pregnancy in order to clear up any misunderstandings about your concerns. Those with whom you share your pregnancy will mean well, but conversations regarding how this pregnancy is a bit different from others may still be needed.

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