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What to Consider in Choosing a Fertility Doctor? A Patient’s Perspective

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, Top Fertility Doctor | Tagged August 16, 2013

Being almost 40 years old, a corporate professional and the proud and lucky mother of one talented daughter, I have been longing for another child for four years. Without success in getting pregnant the old-fashioned way, my husband and I were referred to three centers specializing in fertility treatment and chose Fertility Solutions to assist us in expanding our family.

Having friends and acquaintances in similar situations, I know it is a very personal decision to search, interview and find the fertility doctor and partner with whom one feels most comfortable. From the perspective of a fellow patient, maybe these topics can help you narrow down which fertility center is best for you:

  • Recognize which approach works for you. Some specialists are very touchy-feely; some ensure that you are greeted with a very clinical bedside manner. Choose the doctor and center who fits your patient-relationship needs.

  • Convenience of location. Appointments can be overwhelming since they are frequent while in treatment. Choose an office that is convenient located – for example, proximity to work, home or somewhere in between.

  • Hours of operation.No one knows your situation better than you do and fertility treatment can be very disruptive if you do not have a lot of flexibility. By determining the best hours for you, you can relieve the stress of frequent appointments.

  • Compassion for your core values and beliefs. Upon embarking on this adventure, I was concerned about balancing the desire to expand our family with my religious background that dictates that you cannot seek help. I chose a fertility doctor who is sensitive to my beliefs and has helped me clear this hurdle. Your fertility doctor is your partner and, if needed, should be sensitive enough to respect your values and beliefs while helping you achieve your goals.

  • Supporting cast. There are nurses, office staff and technicians who you will interact with regularly in addition to your doctor. I found it helpful to know that there is a full staff that is knowledgeable about my case and how to answer most of my questions.

    Think about the other aspects that are important to you and inquire about them with the centers you are considering. There are few more important things you can do than bring a baby into this world; why not make it as pleasant an experience as you can.

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