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Affordable Fertility Treatments Designed for Growing Families

Posted in General | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care, IVF Advantage Plans, Financing programs, Fertility financing February 22, 2018

Our practice recognizes that there are challenges to fertility treatment, particularly noting the financial commitment couples and individuals seeking to build their families must undertake. It would be obtuse and unkind to push past patients’ financial concerns, especially as questions about the cost of your treatment plan and insurance coverage will be at the forefront of your mind throughout t…

Avoiding Fertility Treatment? Five Reasons to Take Control of Assisted Family Planning

Posted in General | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care, IVF February 27, 2017

It’s tempting to ignore a suspected medical problem – some of us even wait for symptoms to build up and get worse over time. From little annoyances to bigger issues that could change our lives, ignoring a potential health problem is something we so often regret – but only after putting off going to the doctor. One significant concern that is so often ignored, put off or disregarded is fertility. Coupl…

The Number One Reason to Attend a Fertility Seminar at Fertility Solutions

Posted in Free Fertility Seminar | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care August 29, 2016

Fertility Solutions is proud to offer a free fertility education seminar each month on a rotating basis across our six New England locations. These seminars are an excellent option for both prospective and current Fertility Solutions patients because they present a no-cost opportunity to hear from and speak directly to board-certified fertility specialists. We want to hear your questions When…

Fertility Solutions Is Your Solution to Building a Family (Video)

Posted in Fertility Solutions | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care July 21, 2016

We invite you to watch our new video below in which we detail the personal approach Fertility Solutions takes to helping future parents achieve their dream of starting a family. Schedule a consultation with Fertility Solutions here.

5 Questions Your Fertility Specialist Wants You to Ask

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care, Second opinion June 22, 2016

Patients are understandably overwhelmed by the need for fertility treatment and third-party reproduction services like egg donation or surrogacy. These services require a lot of important decisions, which is why time spent with your fertility specialist is so critical. At Fertility Solutions, patients have frequent and direct contact with their physician, including truly personal care that…