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Can Male Fertility Be Optimized?

Posted in General | Tagged Male fertility, Male factor fertility, Infertility, Lifestyle factors, Health, Family planning October 17, 2018

Male fertility can be optimized through some basic lifestyle adjustments, if fertility is not compromised by means beyond your control. In other words, it’s possible for a fertile male to become his most fertile self if several key lifestyle factors are improved. In order to establish whether or not you have a fertile baseline, you can engage in fertility testing. Evaluating sperm for optimum v…

Five Fertility Care Goals for 2018

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility testing, STD, Sexual health, Period, Lifestyle factors February 8, 2018

Caring for your fertility is something that those interested in growing their family, whether in the next few years or not for a while, should keep in mind the same way they monitor their diet or exercise routine. It doesn’t have to feature an intense, daily routine, of course, but fertility shouldn’t be taken for granted. Many patients will state that they assumed they would be able to conceive wit…

Five Things That Will Surprise You about Fertility Treatment

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility treatment, OBGYN, Male factor fertility, Lifestyle factors, Injections October 24, 2017

Patients come to Fertility Solutions with different expectations of what the fertility treatment process will entail. Some patients come full of questions, with an abundance of research on hand to help guide their visit, while other patients prefer a less hands-on approach, and are comfortable to be entirely guided by their clinic of choice. Both routes are completely normal; everyone is…