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Should Men Be Concerned About Age and Fertility?

Posted in General | Tagged Male factor fertility, Male infertility, Male fertility, Male age fertility May 17, 2019

Older parenthood is on the rise in America. Men and women alike are spending more time pursuing their careers, and couples are getting married later and waiting longer to have children. While the complications for older mothers are well documented and widely known, risks associated with older fathers are much less well understood. While women’s biological clocks move toward menopause, men don’t hav…

Five Myths That Can Harm Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility myths, IVF, Age and female fertility, Period, Miscarriage, Male factor fertility February 19, 2019

A surprising amount of the information we take in comes from sources that might not be as reputable as we’d like, particularly in the age of social media. It’s not uncommon for fertility patients to come across social media posts and articles about getting pregnant, including specific ways to help women get pregnant. In some cases, this information comes from authoritative, trustworthy sources. In …

Three Questions You May Not Have Known to Ask Your Fertility Specialist

Posted in General | Tagged Fertility consultation, Male factor fertility, Male infertility testing, Fertility promotions, Promotions, Fertility support January 25, 2019

Keeping your thoughts organized during fertility treatment is not without its challenges. There can be a lot that you need to stay on top of, like appointments, medications, procedure dates, and more. As we’ve noted in previous blog posts, we do recommend preparing a list of questions ahead of your appointments, including your first consultation. These questions should cover any previous medical d…

Are Men Forgotten During the Fertility Treatment Process?

Posted in General | Tagged Male factor fertility, Male fertility, Male infertility, Male infertility testing, Fertility support group, Fertility support January 18, 2019

During discussions between couples about whether a fertility issue exists, more often than not, testing and treatment begin down a singular route — the female partner. Of course, for some, they may already be aware of a fertility or medical issue with either partner, so bypassing one partner is a logical choice. However, for those who are new to the struggle to conceive and are unaware of p…

Fox25 News Segment Discussing Male Fertility and the Gender Gap in Screening

Posted in General | Tagged Fox25, Male factor fertility, Fertility screening November 26, 2018

Fertility Solutions was recently featured in a Fox25 News story on the role male fertility and the gender gap that occurs during fertility screening. We encourage you to watch the video below to learn more about male and female fertility testing: