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New Patient Fertility Treatment Stories

Posted in Patient Testimonials | Tagged Patient Testimonials, Patient Satisfaction June 19, 2018

Everyone at Fertility Solutions enjoys hearing from our former patients. Every card, letter, email and photo you send our way is celebrated. We know how much is involved in fertility treatment – the stress, the fear, the wins and the losses. Many patients begin their stories by telling us that things weren’t easy, but they knew anything they experienced would be worth it. For those just sta…

How You Can Share Your Fertility Story with Fertility Solutions

Posted in General | Tagged Patient Testimonials, Patient Satisfaction August 24, 2017

Once the stress of fertility treatment has passed, many couples and individuals have stories that detail the experience of growing their family through assisted reproduction. These stories serve two important purposes: They can provide therapeutic relief for those who have undergone fertility treatment and/or third-party reproduction. A firsthand account of what it’s like to work with a s…

Fertility Solutions Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged Patient Satisfaction, Patient survey, Patient Testimonials September 4, 2014

Fertility Solutions recently completed our bi-annual patient satisfaction survey and we are excited to share the results. We are proud to announce that our surveys scores have increased in every category since our last patient satisfaction survey back in November (2013). The scores range from “1” as the lowest to “5” as the highest positive response. The survey category summary is as follows…