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Celebrities Who Have Shared Their Fertility Journeys

Posted in General | Tagged Infertility, Gestational surrogacy, Egg donation, Miscarriage, Recurrent miscarriage August 28, 2019

One of the reasons it can be so beneficial to those undergoing fertility care to learn about celebrities who have had the same experience is to know that firstly, infertility can impact anyone. Infertility diagnoses cross every demographic, and though we often (mistakenly) view the famous and wealthy as those who are above the difficulties of an average person, infertility has a distinct way of…

Three Ways to Make Talking About a Miscarriage a Little Easier

Posted in General | Tagged Miscarriage, Recurrent miscarriage, Pregnancy loss, Recurrent pregnancy loss July 18, 2019

Having a miscarriage can be distressing, confusing, and traumatic. Afterward, many women feel unsure of how to talk about their experience—or whether they even should. If you or someone you know has recently had a miscarriage, here are three tips to keep in mind that can make it a little easier, while ideally providing some comfort and helping to dispel the stigma still surrounding the subject. 1…

Recurrent Miscarriage: Causes and Treatment Options

Posted in General | Tagged Miscarriage, Recurrent miscarriage, Recurrent pregnancy loss, PGD August 29, 2017

Recurrent miscarriage, or recurrent pregnancy loss, is defined as three (or more) consecutive miscarriages prior to the 20th week of your pregnancy. At Fertility Solutions, we understand that experiencing a miscarriage can be a painful, difficult experience on its own, and that recurrent miscarriage multiplies that pain and difficulty. Recurrent miscarriage patients come to our practice with…