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Breakfast with Fairfax Egg Bank

Posted in Egg Donation, Fertility Solutions | Tagged Fairfax Egg Bank, frozen donor eggs November 13, 2013

We recently announced our partnership with Fairfax Egg Bank on our website and on social media. Fairfax Egg Bank is known as "the trusted source for donor eggs" and Fertility Solutions is proud to be a regional partner of such an esteemed establishment. On October 18th, Fertility Solutions hosted a breakfast with a group from Fairfax Egg Bank, the group included: Andrew Dorfmann, MS,…

The Egg Donation Process

Posted in Egg Donation, Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, IVF | Tagged egg donate, Egg Donation, egg donation process, fertility, frozen donor eggs, infertility, IVF, IVF treatments September 9, 2013

Can Egg Donation Help Me? ****You may consider using donated eggs if you are unable to use your own eggs. Common reasons would include: Premature menopause Ovaries have affected by prior chemotherapy Ovaries surgically removed Risk of passing on a genetic disease Prior IVF treatments which have revealed poor egg quality The Egg Donation Process An initial consultation with one of…