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National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) 4/20-4/26

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RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association is hosting National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) which kicks off on April 20th and runs until April 26th. The theme behind this initiative is to help the infertility community spread the message “Resolve to know more”. RESOLVE emphasizes that there is a great need for infertility education in the world today, and this is true. A lot of the “co…

3 Reasons Why Patients Choose Fertility Solutions

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At Fertility Solutions, our practice is centered directly on the needs of our patients. Under the care of our fertility specialists, patients receive individualized treatment plans that cater to their specific infertility diagnosis. We know that the initial diagnosis of infertility can be a difficult moment in a person’s life and that the process that can follow – receiving treatment and working tow…

Fertility Solutions' Latest Patient Testimonial

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Our latest patient testimonial is an honest take on the realities and rewards of infertility treatments, such as IVF: From the first moment we stepped through the doors at Fertility Solutions, we felt welcomed and knew were making the right choice in starting our family. Whether it was blood-work, ultrasounds, egg retrieval or transfer - EVERYONE was super kind, explained what was happening,…