What Does Pregnancy Feel Like after Infertility?

Posted in General | Tagged pregnancy April 27, 2015

A positive pregnancy test after fertility treatment is a dream come true – finally, you have the outcome you've been hoping for since the moment you decided to try for a pregnancy. This is a time to celebrate and enjoy being pregnant as you begin the transition from your fertility specialist to an obstetrician. For those who may have undergone a longer journey to pregnancy or have experienced p…

A Patient’s Perspective on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Posted in General | Tagged diet, PCOS, pregnancy July 14, 2014

Marianne was kind enough to offer her thoughts and experiences as a PCOS patient who choose to change her diet in order to improve her chances of conception. "I never thought I was going to have to go through fertility treatments, but after trying for some time to conceive without luck, I sought out a fertility clinic. I started my journey taking ovulation medication after finding out I…

Dr. Moragianni Spoke About Miscarriages In An Interview with Fox25

Posted in Fertility Solutions, General | Tagged Dr. Moragianni, Dr. Moragianni Fox25, Fox25, Fox25 interview, miscarriage, pregnancy February 20, 2014

Dr. Moragianni Dr. Moragianni appeared on Fox25 early this morning to discuss a recent study on miscarriage. In the interview, Dr. Moragianni analyzes topics such age, alcohol, weight, and work schedule in regard to pregnancy and miscarriage risk. Please watch the video below to see Dr. Moragianni's interview with Fox25 in full: Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

What Can I Do to Increase My Chances of Pregnancy?

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions, General, Top Fertility Doctor | Tagged Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni, Fertility Solutions, getting pregnant, pregnancy September 18, 2013

Our very own Dr. Moragianni recently wrote a blog post that was published on RESOLVE New England's website. The blog post is titled "What Can I Do to Increase My Chances of Pregnancy?" and you can read it in full below. So you are either new to the journey towards childbearing or you have already had several experiences, positive or negative, and are wondering, besides seeking…