We Make Fertility Care Affordable

Stepping Up to Provide Affordable Fertility Care

At Fertility Solutions, we are stepping up to provide affordable fertility care to our patients. All couples deserve the kind of treatment that makes the most of their chances for having a baby — at a fair price. With our innovative IVF Prime Advantage Plan, Financing & Insurance Options and Periodic Promotions, the emphasis shifts from the cost of treatment to the cost of having a baby. We strive to help patients achieve their dreams through intelligent and affordable Fertility Solutions.

$8675 Tubal Reversal
This package price for a microsurgical tubal reversal includes hospital, physician and anesthesia fees. Get a tubal reversal with New England's 'Top Docs' through this special offer. Learn More »

$8850 All-inclusive Single Cycle IVF
Gain access to the most advanced IVF laboratory in the New England area and expert fertility specialists, all for the affordable, all-inclusive price of $8850. Start the journey of growing your family with this simple package, for a single cycle of IVF. Learn More »

IVF Prime Advantage Plan
At Fertility Solutions we believe you deserve the best possible chance to conceive. When in vitro fertilization (IVF) is your best treatment option, we can maximize your chances for success — without compromising our high quality and personalized care — through our IVF Prime Advantage Plan. Learn More »

Financing & Insurance Coverage
Whether you have questions about insurance coverage and/or financing options, our knowledgeable financial specialists can help. We are familiar with the laws addressing insurance coverage in each state and accept virtually all major insurance carriers. We can also point you in the right direction in terms of payment plans and other ways to ease the financial burden of your fertility care. Learn More »