IVF Military Advantage Plan

IVF Military Advantage Plan: A Respectfully Tailored Price for IVF

The $7800 IVF single cycle Military Advantage Plan includes one IVF treatment cycle including in-cycle stimulation and monitoring, one egg retrieval, conventional andrology and embryology services and one embryo transfer using fresh or frozen embryos derived from the fresh cycle.

With thanks and appreciation for the commitment and sacrifice shown by the men and women of the United States military, Fertility Solutions is proud to announce its new Military Advantage Plan — a discounted IVF payment plan. For more information about our new IVF Military Advantage Plan please schedule an appointment or contact us at (781) 329-2451.

This plan includes:

  • Fertility Solutions in-cycle services including ultrasounds, venipuncture, egg retrieval and embryo transfer

  • Fertility Solutions offers comprehensive embryology, and in-cycle andrology and endocrinology services

  • Includes anesthesia performed by a physician, board certified in Anesthesiology

  • All in-cycle professional medical services of physicians and staff

  • Patients must meet standard pre-IVF medical screening criteria - no age limit

  • Patients must be active members of the military with TriCare benefits