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Life after Fertility Treatment: What Happens Now?

Posted in General | Tagged Pregnancy, Fertility treatment, Infertility, Fertility support group October 11, 2017

Spending days, weeks, months and even years to reach a goal is often physically and emotionally exhausting. Fertility testing and treatment can hold any number of ups and downs, but a positive pregnancy test is a symbolic graduation for fertility patients. You and your partner can move on from your fertility clinic, transitioning to an obstetrician for the remainder of the pregnancy.

This is an exciting time, full of joy and relief, but that doesn’t mean the path will be straightforward. Conflicting emotions are common in former fertility patients, especially those who may have needed multiple rounds of treatment. You may be wary of the possibility of future disappointment, having already experienced the pain of an infertility diagnosis and the trials of treatment. This is completely understandable. No one is expected to move forward with total confidence, free from concern. However, we do hope to relieve at least some of the stress you may feel.

Support services do not end post-treatment
For those who found solace and comradery in a fertility support group, please know that these groups still exist for those who are pregnant after fertility treatment. You are never alone in this process, and for every couple facing a disappointing diagnosis, there is another happily completing treatment, yet anxious for the future. It’s perfectly fine to worry about whether the time, energy and financial commitment toward treatment is worthwhile, and will result in the baby you so deeply desire.

A positive pregnancy test does not equal an exit sign within the fertility community. The community is made up of people in every stage of the process – from those LGBTQ couples seeking third-party services to infertile couples transitioning from IUI to IVF to those attempting a second round of treatment after a miscarriage, and, of course, those ending treatment because of a pregnancy. This community is available to everyone who needs it and wishes to take part.

The journey continues
Fertility treatment may be like a club of sorts, and many couples are, understandably, reluctant to join. However, you will find that once in, you are never alone. Even if those in the waiting room, support groups and online forums may not have your same diagnosis or treatment plan, you all have the same hopes and dreams. Fertility Solutions is proud to provide the warm, compassionate and open environment that so many couples seek. Our physicians and staff provide more one-on-one time than other clinics because we know how important facetime with your provider(s) can be.

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