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Fertility Solutions' 2017 Blog Post Favorites

Posted in General | Tagged January 5, 2018

We’re very committed to providing patients with educational and newsworthy information about the fertility industry, third party reproduction services and more. Our blog is an excellent resource, and we encourage patients to check in often for new posts on those topics that are most relevant to their family building journeys.

2017 has been a particularly great year to follow the Fertility Solutions’ blog, and we’re excited to share some of the most popular posts we’ve published in the last twelve months below:

How to Find a Fertility Doctor
May 2017
“Regardless of how you came to consider fertility care, finding a fertility doctor doesn’t have to be a complicated or drawn-out process…”

Five Things That Infertile Couples Wish You Wouldn't Say
February 2017
“Being a family member or friend of a couple facing infertility can feel like navigating a minefield. What’s the best way to support and comfort them?”

Five Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Fertility Treatments
April 2017
“Fertility Solutions understands how the time between an infertility diagnosis to a positive pregnancy test can feel like it’s dragging on forever, but we also acknowledge that there are ways to help relieve the stress you are feeling…”

Male Factor Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment: What You Need to Know
May 2017
“When male fertility issues occur as often as female fertility issues, the male partner must be included in the conversation from the beginning, not as an afterthought…”

How to Talk to Your Child about Infertility Treatment and Third-Party Reproduction (When the Time Is Right)
August 2017
“Children are curious by nature, and typically it’s only a matter of time before your child will (in some way) inquire where he or she came from. This question gives many parents pause – how much should I share? What should I say? How do I broach this?”

The 2016 Fertility Solutions' Patient Survey Results
July 2017

“Our patients report that the overall quality of care given by Fertility Solutions physicians and staff 100% exceeds all expectations for patient services, which include physician interaction, staff interaction, nurse interaction, lab services and phone calls…”

How to Stay Organized During Fertility Treatment
September 2017
“Everyone’s path to parenthood can differ, and those undergoing fertility treatment to build their families can face additional logistical hurdles in the process…”

Do I Need to Pick an Egg Donor Who Looks Like Me?
September 2017
“Often, couples will choose someone who looks like they do, measuring traits such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, race, etc. This is certainly still the most common route while reviewing an egg donor database, but there are other factors to consider as well…”

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