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5 Questions Your Fertility Specialist Wants You to Ask

Posted in Fertility Doctors, Fertility Solutions | Tagged Affordable Fertility Care, Second opinion June 22, 2016

Patients are understandably overwhelmed by the need for fertility treatment and third-party reproduction services like egg donation or surrogacy. These services require a lot of important decisions, which is why time spent with your fertility specialist is so critical.

At Fertility Solutions, patients have frequent and direct contact with their physician, including truly personal care that extends to receiving test results straight from the same physician who also performs all ultrasounds and procedures.

Because we offer extensive one-on-one contact with fertility specialists, we know that you’ll want to take advantage of this time and ask questions that are most important to you and your partner. We encourage patients to vocalize their questions and concerns freely, and we’ve provided a list of five questions that fertility specialists find especially helpful for patients during conversations about treatment.

  1. Do I need a second opinion about my infertility diagnosis?
    Whether your infertility diagnosis comes as a surprise or you simply believe a second opinion may be of value, Fertility Solutions is well-versed in this common concern. For some couples and individuals, a second opinion can offer peace of mind, knowing that they can confidently move forward with treatment. It can also open new conversations about which services best fit your family planning goals.

  2. Should I make any lifestyle changes to help optimize my fertility?
    The answer to this question depends on each individual situation, but lifestyle changes may be recommended in order to help optimize your fertility before and during treatment. Changes to diet and exercise are common suggestions.

  3. Do I qualify for your financial partnerships?
    Fertility Solutions strongly believes in financial transparency and affordable care, and we recognize the need for help in navigating these options. Our financial specialists are prepared to work with you. We’ve partnered with financial programs like Lending Club, EMD Serono, Journey to Parenthood and more to help you pay for infertility care.

  4. Can I hear testimonials from former patients?
    Reading testimonials from former patients can be an essential component of the fertility practice screening process. Sometimes, the most comforting thing a couple can hear is that someone else once shared your same experience.

  5. Do you have any current promotions?
    Fertility Solutions consistently offers special promotions for patients to use. We are currently offering 10 percent off our already low-priced IVF Military Advantage Plan for veterans and active-duty service members. This offer ends on Labor Day 2016.
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